Is Circumcision Safe For Babies?

The most common surgery for men is circumcision. This involves the surgical removal of skin
close to the head of your penis. is most commonly performed on newborn males in
certain parts of the west, including the United States. Even though it can be performed later on
in life, circumcision is more complicated and involves more complications. Routine or elective
male Genitalia surgery has many benefits. These are just a few of the many benefits.

One of the primary benefits of having the procedure done on male newborns is the reduction in
the chances of acquiring an illness caused by bacteria living on the penis in the future. Some
diseases that can be transmitted through the penis include gonorrhea, herpes, and genital warts.
Circumcision helps prevent the transfer of infection to Circumcision Melbourne. This can be life-saving for babies
at high risk of developing genital warts, as the penis is extremely sensitive.

Another advantage is that the baby is less likely to get infections in his bladder while he is still in
the womb. The foreskin is able to produce a protective film that helps prevent bacteria from
entering the urethra. After the baby is circumcised the foreskin can be removed. A warm
compress can be used to ease any pain and numb the area to allow the baby to relax. It is also
important that the baby be taken home with a bottle of warm water to ensure he drinks adequate
fluids after the procedure.

The health benefits of circumcision may even extend past the uterus. Circumcision is less
common in male newborns than the more common sexually transmitted diseases that are
common among these newborns. Circumcision may decrease the risk of developing herpes and
genital warfare. This is because only a portion of the skin is removed and not the entire shaft.

Another benefit of circumcision can be that it lowers the risk of sexually transmitted disorders.
Unprotected sexual activity with multiple partners is associated to higher rates of sexually
transmitted disease, such as genital and genital herpes. According to the New York State
Department of Health, circumcised male newborns have a lower prevalence of Chlamydia and
gonorrhea than those who are not. The benefits don’t stop there.

Overall, the United States remains a nation with one of the highest rates of infant male genital
herpes infections in the world. According to the NYC Department of Health: “While this trend
appears to be changing,” New York City has seen new cases of infantile herpes since the 1980s.
In fact, New York City remains the country’s prominent location for newly diagnosed cases of

As a final thought, let me remind readers that while I am an advocate of male circumcision, I am
neither pro-life nor pro-circumcision. I am a medical writer, who provides information to my
readers about health-related topics. My views are my own and do not relate to the topic of
circumcising baby boys. You can learn more about this important topic by visiting Google
scholar. I have linked to an informative article on the subject.

Parents circumambulate newborns for many reasons. Some parents are concerned about the
possible complications that could result from not having this procedure performed. Others
believe this is a religious obligation. Regardless of your reason for considering it, the benefits are
very real. You should weigh all facts before you decide to circumcise your son